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All items for collection must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. every MONDAY.

Drivers call our office by radio and advise us of the houses that do not have their refuse out.

If you fail to place your garbage, recycling or yard waste at the curb on your scheduled day, our driver will return the following week.

REMINDER: Please DO NOT mix yard waste with your regular garbage, it WILL NOT be collected. Yard waste must be separated and properly containerized.

Household Refuse Collection

During 2015, Flood Brothers will continue to collect, FREE OF CHARGE, household refuse, recycling and yard waste. Please note that all refuse MUST BE placed in your two-wheeled refuse container provided by Flood Brothers. These containers must be kept behind the front wall of any building or structure on the property for storage purposes. Any additional refuse container and/or garbage bags will require a refuse sticker, which must be affixed to the additional containers and/or garbage bags. Extra containers or bags that do not visibly display the sticker will not be collected. Appropriate recycling material should be placed in a container or a 65-gallon recycling toter provided upon request. All refuse and recycling containers should be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. every TUESDAY (or Wednesday if a holiday falls on a Tuesday).

Yard Waste Collection

Begins First Full Week of April, and Ends the First Full Week of November.
Residents may place all yard waste in yard waste paper bags or 32-gallon cans. Yard waste bags or cans cannot weigh more than 50 pounds.

Branches/Brush Collection

Branches need to be in bundles no longer than four feet and no larger than two feet in diameter. Each bundle must be affixed with one yard waste sticker. Bushes cannot weigh more than 50 pounds and cannot be longer than four feet or wider than two feet in diameter. Bushes placed at the curb must have a yard waste sticker affixed to them.


If a holiday falls on a weekday or a Sunday, and your regularly scheduled pickup is on or after the holiday, your pickup will be delayed by one day.

Flood Brothers will not collect on the following holidays:


Christmas Tree Collection

All holiday greenery, including live Christmas trees, decorative live holiday wreaths and boughs, must have all tinsel, ornaments and lights removed before being placed at the curb for pickup based on your community's removal schedule during the month of January (schedules are available under your village tab,or, by calling the office)

Live Christmas trees collected curbside are turned into mulch at an approved yard waste facility during the month of January.  This is a much more environmentally friendly process than placing them into a landfill.  

*Please contact our office for proper disposal of holiday lights

Bulk Item Collection

There is no charge for the collection of bulk items. Bulk item collection includes items of GENERAL REFUSE that cannot be reduced to fit into a 65-gallon or 35-gallon wheeled container, such as discarded furniture, fixtures, household appliances of all kinds, including WHITE GOODS, and small amounts of construction debris, which can be loaded into standard refuse collection equipment without assistance and which would be accepted by the disposal site to which it is transported. Remember to call Flood Brothers for a bulk item collection in case two workers are required to collect the bulk item(s).

White Good Item Collection

There is no charge for the collection of white good items. The following items are considered white goods: refrigerators, stoves, washers, dishwashers, freezers, dryers, hot water tanks, air conditioners and furnaces. To schedule a collection of a white good item, kindly contact our office at (630) 261-0578 during regular business hours. White good items must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. the day of your regular pickup.

Special Pick-Up Collection

Special pick-up collection includes drywall, plywood, paneling, carpeting, disassembled kitchen and bathroom fixtures, sod, clay, sand, stone, concrete, rocks, or any other loose small items or construction materials not suitable for placement in containers, and that exceed 50 pounds in weight, or that are in bundles exceeding four feet  in length and two feet  in diameter. These collections (up to two cubic yards) will be charged a $25 minimum pick-up rate. Contact our office for an exact quote. Residents MUST CALL for a special pick-up collection. Service will be provided within 48 hours of request.

Unacceptable Materials

Items such as paint, household batteries, pesticides, poisons, cleaning solvents, tainted gasoline, used oil and other automotive products are considered to be hazardous waste and should not be included in your refuse toter for collection. For information regarding proper disposal of hazardous waste, please visit www.naperville.il.us/hhw.aspx.

Single-Sort Recycling Program

A 65-gallon recycling toter is provided to each residence. Recyclable materials are collected on your pickup day of service and must contain only acceptable recyclable items. Any recyclable toter that contains regular household waste will not be collected. Recyclable materials do not need to be separated. Please rinse all recyclable items to remove food residue prior to pickup. A complete list of acceptable and unacceptable materials can be found here.


If you are moving, please leave the Flood Brothers toter for the new resident or contact our customer service department at (630) 261-0578 to pick up any equipment provided.

Reduce Waste—Composting Made Easy

Why Consider Composting?

•    In Illinois, yard waste has been banned from landfills.
•    Composting is less expensive than curbside disposal and saves your landscaper money on commercial fertilizers and soil amendments (topsoil, peat moss, vermiculite).
•    Natural compost is the highest nitrogen-containing soil amendment for placing around trees and shrubs and in flower and vegetable gardens, and is known to promote healthy growing and disease resistance.

Selecting a Proper Site and Compost Bin

When selecting a compost site, it is important that the ground be level to promote proper exposure to rain and snow, while sloped land is to be avoided because it encourages pooling water, which interrupts decomposition. Some tips to consider:
•    Do not place in front yard
•    Do not place within 10 feet of the side or rear yard property line*
•    Do not place with an overland drainage swale
•    Do not place within a utility easement
•    Bin should not be higher than 5 feet (to resist compaction)
•    Compost site should not exceed more than 100 square feet in area
(for moisture retention)
*Setback requirements
Compost bin containers can be easily assembled using recycled construction debris, galvanized chicken wire, picket fencing, bricks/cinder blocks, perforated plastic drums, 1’ x 4’ wooden boards, or you can use ready-made commercial compost bins.

Composting Recipe: Essential Ingredients

A proper mixture of green and brown organic material will create the ideal conditions for composting.
GREENS: weeds, grass/garden clippings
BROWNS: twigs, leaves, wood chips or mulch

PROHIBITED MATERIAL: food scraps, pet waste, toxins/chemicals


Click here to check out this tidy indoor compost bin that is odor free!
You can cut your food scraps as you get them and dispose of them indoors.

Vacation Policy:

Residents are required to notify Flood Brothers prior to going on vacation. There is a 30 day minimum and no maximum (within one calendar year) in order to receive credit. Residents must supply a start and return date prior to their departure. Any balance must be paid in full before vacation status is applied. Credit will be applied upon return. No credit will be issued if Flood Bros Disposal is notified after the fact.


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