Trash Compactors: An Essential Business Need

How can I save money on garbage collection and reduce my trash output?

One way is by utilizing an on-site trash compactor from Flood Brothers!

Flood Brothers Disposal is here to help our Chicago and Chicagoland area customers decide on the best compactor solution for their businesses. Many small and large company owners alike may not be aware of all the benefits a trash compactor provides, besides reducing the volume of waste and the potential savings on collection costs. You can click here to get a quote, or see below for more information on how compactors can help meet the needs of your company.


  • The most obvious reason to many business owners is the potential reduction in collection costs, by utilizing the compactor to reduce the size of trash collected from the business.
  • In addition, due to the potential reduction in the number of garbage pickups needed, the impact on your trash to the environment is reduced -- helping your company stay "green!"
  • Trash compactors can help the public image of your business. By preventing unsightly windblown trash and overflowing containers, a compactor can keep public facing areas of your business clean and free of unwanted trash that may escape.
  • They can help prevent inventory "shrinkage" and "back door" employee theft, representing further savings and reducing risk for your business.
  • Compactors can cut down on unauthorized dumping into your trash containers.
  • Trash compactors can help subdue odors and even help control rodent and pest issues.
  • Wear and tear on parking surfaces can be reduced over time
Trash Compactor

Flood Brothers Disposal offers a number of solutions your company can take advantage of when you decide to reap the benefits of having an on-site compactor. Our waste management experts will meet with your company to ask questions, determine your specific needs, and design a solution specifically for your business -- with the options best suited to your application.

Contact us via phone at 630-261-0400 or via our online form to get in touch with our team to see how a compactor can help you save money, stay green, and offer the best company image you can. We can even build custom compactor solutions.