Front Load Containers

A picture of Flood Brothers dumpsters.

Flood Brothers Front-Load containers come in various dimensions to fit your exact needs. Casters add an additional  8" to the overall height of the container. Please note these outside dimensions may differ slightly due to manufacturing variances.

Front-Load Dimensions
Capacity in Cubic Yards Length Width Height
2-yard 36" 72" 40.25"
4-yard (top loading) 54" 72" 48.5"
4-yard (apartment) 42" 72" 60.75"
6-yard (low top & end loading) 66" 72" 60"
6-yard (high top & end loading) 54" 72" 72.5"
8-yard (top & end loading) 66" 72" 80"
10-yard (top & end loading) 72" 72" 92"

Flood Brothers reserves the right to change designs and specifications without notice. Not all models are available at all areas. Please call to review exact specifications.