Flood Brothers Compactor

Commercial and Industrial customers often produce high volumes of refuse, and often require custom waste solutions. Flood Brothers is able to meet the needs of these customers, with a large variety of equipment and service based solutions. We offer equipment and containers ranging from 6 to 30 yards, as well as custom built equipment to suite customer’s individual needs.

Our staff of experts will design a solution that is cost-efficient and practical to suite your application. Flood Brothers is one of the only waste haulers in the Chicago land area that is able to fabricate custom waste equipment in house. No job is too large or small for us to handle, we will design a solution that is right for your application.

Contact a Flood Brothers representative today to discuss the best option for your compaction needs.

We offer many capacity options to fit your needs:

Compactors: Capacity Options
Rated Capacity in Cubic Yards Length Width Height Approx. Shipping Weight
Rear-loading 6-yard 153.75" 85.75" 54" 2,270 lbs.
Front-loading 6-yard 105" 81" 61.75" 2,150 lbs.
6-yard 105" 74" 61.75" 2,190 lbs.


Flood Brothers combo packers are recommended for 194" and longer hoists. Our combo packers have a packing force of 30,500 lbs. to a maximum of 44,000 lbs., with a 10 HP 1750 rpm TEFC motor.

We offer many capacity options to fit your needs:

Roll-Off Compactors: Capacity Options
  Inside Dimension  
Capacity in Cubic Yards Length Width Approx. Shipping Weight
17-yard 132.5" 72" 7,424 lbs.
20-yard 156.5" 72" 7,960 lbs.
25-yard 156.5" 90" 8,460 lbs.
27-yard 180.5" 84" 8,825 lbs.
30-yard 204.5" 84" 9,335 lbs.

Note that sizes are approximate and may vary from container to container.