Weight Conversion Chart for Recycling

As a leader in the Chicago waste management, disposal, and recycling scene, we encourage all places of work and business to do whatever they can to reduce the impact on the environment -- and also do what is best for their companies and individual disposal needs. Companies all over Chicagoland are doing their best to help the planet while saving money and contributing to the bottom line of the financials. If your business has a recycling program, one way to accomplish both of these important duties is to manage the amount of waste that is recycled vs. how much ends up in the dumpster. To maximize the value of your commercial or construction recycling program -- while minimizing impact on the Earth -- close management of this is a key factor.

Picture of a trash can with a measuring tape around it


Closely monitoring the amount of waste that is recycled and maximizing your investment in recycling services can seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, there are ways to assist your business and employees in determining the weight and volume of what goes in your recycling bin or compactor -- such as a handy weight conversion chart. You can utilize this weight/volume conversion tool to more closely estimate and manage the amount of waste that you can recycle.

Some examples might include how much space can be saved in your container by compacting organic waste such as grass clippings or leaves -- they may be heavier, but will take up less volume. You may be wondering how much a truck or car tire weighs, or whether it's beneficial (or necessary) to compact your glass bottle waste. (By the way, do you know the benefits of trash compactors?) It would be challenging to make a guess on these numbers!


We have a recycling weight conversion chart that you or your employees can download as a guideline to managing your recycling. You can find more information on Chicago recycling programs on our site, as well as helpful tips and news. You can also contact Flood Brothers if you have questions regarding your recycling needs -- we're happy to help any time.

Download Weight Conversion Chart Here