Responsible Recycling

With curbside pickup of recycling, it’s easy for everyone to do their part to help keep our earth clean and green. Since all recyclables go into one bin, called single-stream recycling, you don’t even have to sort it. We do! Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass bottles, beverage and food cans, foil, etc. are collected and hauled to our Materials Recovery Facility where it’s sorted and packaged for reuse.

At the Materials Recovery Facility, we use the latest technology to maximize the amount of material recovered. However, when non-recyclables are in the bin, those items need to be removed so they don’t enter the recycling stream. Removing these items, called contaminants, is costly and time-consuming.

This is where you come in. You can help us recover more materials by doing these simple things:

  1. Put only accepted items into your recycling bin.  See our COMPLETE LIST of what can be recycled.
  2. DON’T put non-recyclable items in the bin. These contaminants are costly to separate out. See our COMPLETE LIST of what CANNOT be recycled.
  3. Don’t put items in a plastic bag. Put them loose directly into the bin. Bags often cause issues in the sorting process – such as jamming the equipment, which sometimes means the whole sorting system needs to be shut down to remove the bags. Plastic grocery bags can be recycled by taking them back to your grocery.
  4. Lightly rinse plastic and metal containers to remove residue.
  5. Avoid putting shredded paper into the bin. Shredding paper reduces its quality for recycling back into usable paper. If you prefer to shred your paper, put it in your composting bin.  
  6. If you have construction waste, rent a dumpster. We take this waste to a separate facility where these materials are sorted and processed into raw materials.
  7. Latex paint and electronics should NOT go in the bin, but can be recycled through local organizations. Visit Earth Paint for more information about recycling paint, and watch for special notifications about electronics recycling events in your area.
  8. Do not put yard waste in your recycling bin. Compost what you can, or dispose in yard waste bags for special collection. See your community’s page for scheduled pickup days.

The Flood Brothers family is dedicated to keeping our Earth clean and green for future generations. Thank you for recycling responsibly!